All Boom level villages in Coin Master

Boom Levels in Coin Master

In the mobile game Coin Masters, you will encounter a variety of villages that will give you the chance to obtain gold and cards all differing in rarity levels. In every village, you can buy chests with all sorts of cards inside. Boom level villages are villages that will give you a better chance of obtaining more gold or rarer cards than you would in other normal villages, but for a higher price.

Coin Master Boom Village Levels

First we understand that,

What is a Boom Village level in Coin Master and how does it differ from a regular village level?

Boom levels in Coin Master are special because they give you a better chance of getting rare and golden cards from chests compared to regular levels.

Although both forms of levels share similarities, such as progressing through the game.

In simple terms,

A Coin Master Boom level is like a normal village level but with higher chances of getting rare and golden cards and other exciting rewards.

Now, Let’s check,

All possible boom levels are listed with village number and name.

If you are in a Boom level village, you will want to stay there a little longer than you normally would to see what kind of drops you get. Here is a complete list of the Boom level villages where you will earn better rewards for your efforts.

Every boom village in Coin Master



LevelVillagePrice (cost)
5Far east16.3 million
7Sunny Hawaii20.6 million
10Atlantis34.8 million
13Arabian nights41.0 million
15Wild west58.3 million
17Jungle64.0 million
20The Arctic60 million
22Candy land63.4 million
27Columbus69.7 million
30India85.7 million
34Dragon Lair115.2 million
35Greek Island120.1 million
37The Wizard134 million
40Area 51163.8 million
45Musketeers205 million
47Theme Park229 million
49Hell272.8 million
50Easter279 million
51Japan282.9 million
55Jurassic ville345.3 million
57Mongolia368.4 million
60Robin hood433.1 million
61Deep sea453.3 million
62Don Quixote483.4 million
65Olympus542.6 million
75Unicorn1 billion
79Tin Soldier1.1 billion
83Car Racing1.4 billion
87Baba Yaga1.5 billion
90King Arthur1.8 billion
93Caribbean Resort2.1 billion
95Egyptian Pyramids2.2 billion
98Milky Way2.6 billion
102Goblin Ghetto3.1 billion
105Circus3.6 billion
107Golf Course3.8 billion
110Rice Farmer4.6 billion
112Irish Craic5 billion
115Aztec5.7 billion
117Ice Queen6 billion
122Tennis7.8 billion
125Witches9 billion
127Zanzibar9.6 billion
130Argentina11.3 billion
135Gymnastics14.3 billion
136New York14.5 billion
138Punk Rock15.2 billion
140Rio17.8 billion
141Space Pirate18.6 billion
142Mech Workshop19.8 billion
143Jocke & Jonna20.7 billion
146Monkey Kingdom22 billion
149Hercules23.4 billion
151Baker Shop24.6 billion
152Billiard24.8 billion
153Noah’s Ark25.8 billion
157Ice Age30.2 billion
168Centaure40.6 billion
175Babylon49 billion

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Coin Master Village Level

As you know, Coin Master has villages, also called levels. All the villages come with unique themes and decoration pieces . To progress to the next village, players must construct and fully upgrade every structure in a village.

Additionally, players must also find ways to defend their village from attacks.

Building a village requires a significant amount of coins, which can be earned through spinning the slot machine, looting other players, participating in events and raids, or using the daily Coin Master free spins links.

How Many Villages Does Coin Master Have?

As the game is constantly updating, the number of villages changes. At the time of writing, there are 472 villages in Coin Master.

What is the Last Village in Coin Master

Currently, the last village in Coin Master is Village 472, named Troll Treasury.

How to Calculate the Cost of a Village in Coin Master

To estimate the cost of a village in Coin Master, multiply the cost of each star in the village by 30. This will give you a rough estimate of the coins needed to build the village.

Another option is to refer to the Coin Master Village Costs Lists 2022, which provides a detailed breakdown of the cost of each village.


Coin Master’s villages and levels add an extra layer of complexity to the game, but with the information provided in this article, players can better understand the costs, rewards, and strategies associated with them.

By knowing the villages and boom levels, players can make the most out of the game and advance to the highest levels.

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