The rarest cards in Coin Master


The rarest cards in Coin Master

Coin Master is an incredibly addictive slot machine game for mobile devices. At first glance, this genre may seem monotonous, but Moon Active managed to surprise everyone by creating a game based on a slot machine with many features.

Players must control the Viking village and spin the wheel to perform various actions. You can complete different levels and attack other players. Moreover, there are many different Card Sets in the game, and some of these cards are very rare. This guide will tell you about the rarest cards in Coin Master and how you can get them. Also, make sure to check our Coin Master Village Cost Full Information!




As mentioned, Coin Master offers plenty of activities for you to dive into, but your main task will be earning Coins. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this, from spinning the wheel to collecting items.

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Cards are special items players can find in Coin Master. These collectibles allow you to score valuable rewards, including free spins.

Rewards are issued for collecting Card sets. Coin Master has a huge variety of different sets, and each of them contains nine cards. Some cards are dropped frequently, while others are very rare – and many sets have one or more rare Cards. The rarer the Cards in a set, the better the reward for it will be.

So, without further ado, here’s our list of the seven rarest Cards in Coin Master!

The rarest cards in Coin Master

In Coin Master, cards are collectible items that can be found by playing the game. There are nine cards in sets called Collections, and by completing Collections, you will get free spins or other prizes. The rarer the cards in a Collection, the better the prizes. This means that some cards are hot commodities in the game, and you can get them by either getting lucky on raids or by trading with other players — but some cards can only be traded during special events.

Cards in Coin Master increase in rarity depending on their effect. For example, Andromeda completes a set and awards five stars, so it’s a rare and highly desirable card. In this section, we’ve organized the rarest cards in Coin Master from rarest to most common, but they’re all regarded as rare by players in the community in some way. Just because a card is in the Low Rare list doesn’t mean that it’s common, it’s just more common than a card in the Very Rare list.

All Very Rare Cards in Coin Master
Archery Camp
Bar Hopper
Camelot Tent
Captain Nash
Cosmic Carl
Dante the Devout

Golden Trophy
Haunted Harriet
Jolly Jasper
Knight Guard
Lucky Lance
Model Z
Other Routes 66
Pig Knight
Scotty Squire
Spooky Simon
The Beast
Top Knut

All High Rare Cards in Coin Master
Amphibious Abe
Dr. Ashtear
Dr. Wicked
Elder Elk
First Prize
Hobby Horse
Little Luca
Machine Heart
Mythical Tune
Skull Island
Stabilizer Core

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All Mid-Rare Cards in Coin Master
Baby Triss
Barrel Tank
Fighting Fred
Gentle Delphi
Lenny the Lefty
Mellow Lisa
Painters Palette
Pop Art Poppa
Tall Tim

All Low Rare Cards in Coin Master
Cheerful Chad
Darlin Dolly
Gnome House
Jovial Jade
Little Lenya
Marble Man

Martian Lettuce
Merry Matilda
Mythical Dome
Regal Richard
Robo Boot
Santa’s Helper
Santa’s Sled
Silent Shrine

All Very Low Rare Cards in Coin Master
African Warrior
Aztec Princess
Builder Beaver
Caring Cathy
Creaky Crow
El Tiger

Farmer Feng
Fighting Monk
Flamur, the Flutist
Holy Monk
Jelly Fish
Magic Tree
Martian Wine

Mighty Wizard
Pink Eddy
Portly Pete
Savvy Sancho
Smoking Pipe
Sneaky Jaguar

Short Answer to the Big Question
Rare cards in Coin Master are unique collectibles that are harder to find compared to common cards. Landing one is like striking gold!

These cards are crucial for completing card collections, which in turn unlock rewards, spins, and much more. The thrill of finding a rare card is unmatched, making the hunt all the more exciting.

Spotting the Rare Gems
So, what makes a card rare? It’s all about availability. Some cards appear less frequently during raids or in chests, making them rare treasures. Remember, the game constantly evolves, so a card considered common today might become a sought-after rarity tomorrow.

A few examples include cards like “Hobby Horse,” “Santa,” and “Martian Lettuce.” These are just the tip of the iceberg! With over 422 villages to explore and hundreds of cards to collect, the adventure never ends.

Winning Rare Cards
Feeling lucky? Why not take that luck to? Our app lets you play fun games, earn points, and maybe snag those rare Coin Master cards you’ve been dreaming of.

By winning official App Store and Play Store gift cards, you can unlock chests, spins, and much more in Coin Master. It’s a fantastic way to boost your collection without breaking the bank.

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