Coin Master chests — types and inside

Coin Master chests

Coin Master Spin Link is a part city-builder and part slots machine strategy game with an economy that primarily revolves around chests. You gain levels and unlock new stages by spending coins to build and upgrade Village structures. Chests contain random items that can help speed up the process by allowing you to earn resources more quickly.

It’s important to know what chests are and when to buy them if you want to power through stages efficiently. This guide on Coin Master chests will cover all the key information about chests—what they are, what they hold, and your odds for receiving cards and spins.

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What are Coin Master chests?

Coin Master chests are treasure boxes earned by playing the game. Each chest has a chance to contain coins, free spins, cards, Pet XP, or Pet Food. There are a lot of types of Coin Master chests; the higher level the chest, the more likely it is to drop a high-level item.

Magical Chest: The most expensive chest in the game, the Magical Chest, yields 8 cards when opened. Although the cards are random, this chest contains more golden cards than any other.

Golden Chest: The price is really reasonable, because it is less expensive than the enchanted chest. For the players, there are four cards used. The cards may be any color or denomination.

Wooden Chest: The cheapest chest in the game is the wooden one. When you open this chest, you’ll find two cards. The cards could be duplicates of what you already have or brand new. You could get a Wooden Chest every time you visit a new location. It will have the bare minimum of cards, which is always two.

In terms of game coins, the prices of these chests vary depending on the game and village level. Some cards are locked with certain villages or levels in the game, so you can get the same cards from other chests. To do so, you must first complete the stage and set of cards before moving on to the next level or unlocking new stages. To complete a package of cards, you might want to purchase chests. Since certain cards are stored in the chest and cannot be used before you hit those goals, the goal is to incorporate all of the game elements.

There are literally dozens of different types of chests in Coin Master. Luckily, the developers have a complete breakdown of the types, what they contain, and your odds of getting certain drops. We’ve put together a short list of the main chest types you’ll find in the game. You can find the full list with all the promotional chests on the official Coin Master website.

Wooden Chest32 Cards
Golden Chest34 Cards
Magical Chest38 Cards
Small Lucky Chest46 Cards (a chance of a Joker card), Pet XP and Spins
Small Easter Chest106 Cards (a chance of a Joker card), Pet XP and Spins
Big Easter Chest208 Cards (a chance of a Joker card), Pet XP and Spins
Big Lucky Chest308 Cards (a chance of a Joker card), Pet XP and Spins
Valentine’s Chest306 Cards (a chance of a Joker card), Pet snacks, Pet XP and Spins
Sapphire Chest706 Cards, Spins and Pet XP
Ruby Chest1108 Cards (a chance of a Joker card), Spins, Pet XP and 1 Pet Snack
Mystery Chest6 Cards (a chance of a Joker card), Pet snacks and Spins
Emerald Chest4 Cards, Spins and Pet XP

What’s the best chest in Coin Master?

You’re probably saying right now, “Cut to the chase and tell me: what chest should I buy?” Unfortunately, there’s no quick answer for that question. Each chest type has its own drop probabilities, so the chest you should buy depends on what you need right now.

For example, do you want to complete your low-level card collections? Then stay away from the higher-level chests! The lower-level chests have much higher drop rates for 1- and 2-star cards, so that’s where you should spend your coins.

Are you strapped for cash and need an injection of coins to move onto the next stage? Then you should buy a chest that actually has a chance of dropping coins!

When should I buy chests?

We’ve established that chests are important to making progress in Coin Master. At this point, you may think that buying more chests means it’s easier to complete card collections and move onto higher villages. While that’s generally true, simply hoarding chests isn’t the most cost-effective way of advancing in the game.

We’ve found that even in a game like Coin Master, patience is a virtue. This is doubly so in the earlier Villages. Since the low-level collections are made up of very common cards, you can complete them by simply looting other Vikings and finishing your Villages.

At some point, you’ll need some pretty rare cards. Some of these are too rare to easily collect just by raiding Villages. This is when you should start considering buying chests.

Another good time to buy chests is when you’re one card away from completing a set, especially if it’s super-rare or golden.

That concludes our quick guide to Coin Master chests. Now that you know what chests are and when to buy them, you can start really conquering your rivals in Coin Master.

What are Coin Master chests?

Coin Master chests are items that hold all sorts of awesome prizes, including Cards, Pet XP, Coins, and Spins.

How many types of Coin Master Chests are there?

There are dozens of types of Coin Master Chests, and new ones are being added all the time. You can find the full list of chest types on the official Coin Master website.

How do I get Coin Master Chests?

You can get Coin Master Chests from Raids and by completing a Village. Chests can also be bought from the in-game store.

What are the odds of getting a specific card from a Coin Master Chest?

The odds of getting a specific card from a Coin Master Chest depend on the rarity of the card and the type of chest. Generally, the rarer the card, the lower the odds of getting it from a chest.

What is the difference between the various types of Coin Master Chests?

The different types of Coin Master Chests differ in terms of the types of prizes they can contain and their odds of dropping certain items. You can find the full list of chest types on the official Coin Master website.

Can I buy Coin Master chests using real money?

Yes, you can buy Coin Master Chests using real money.

How often do new cards become available in Coin Master Chests?

New cards become available in Coin Master Chests on a regular basis, usually every few weeks or months. The exact frequency depends on the developers of the game.

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